Empire builders we are not. Every project that we undertake is still a big deal to us. Since the beginning, the charge has been the same – execute each project in the spirit of the contract.

Curt Westley started the firm in 1975, contracting commissioned art & commercial window treatment installations in luxury hotels and corporate environments. It expanded from there, first into the installation, and then quickly into the warehousing and freight management of furnishings and operating supplies for luxury hotels, private clubs, retirement communities, and private residences.

Curt’s philosophy & vision for Westley Contract Services remains as it has since the beginning – grow no larger than our ability to deliver the highest level of quality – routinely. Our standards remain uncompromised. Efficient warehousing, safe transport, and the responsible management of all were simply logical extensions of intelligent thoughtful installation, our core service offering. By 1985, these services were all fully integrated into one system, and we’ve been honing it ever since.

Remaining true to the principal that the company would be best served by fulltime Westley company employees, rather than by sub-contracting project services on an as needed basis – project by project – Westley Contract Services has built a tight system with valued long-term employees. Our personnel turnover rate is low, as most senior project personnel have been with the firm for more than 10 years; quite a few for more than 20.

Our verifiable reputation for a commitment to every project’s success is not due to our wonderful photo inventories, status reports, custom software & other “cutting edge” technological tools. While it is true that we rely on technical tools – in our administrative offices, warehouses, and project sites – these would not really make us that much better than we were years ago (and we were really good back then), without talented & committed company professionals who have more to work for than their own success. The longevity of the firm at its consistent level of excellence speaks for the success of this philosophy.

If you take the time to check our references, your time will have been well invested in selecting the right firm with whom to entrust your project.