Since 1980, on our project job-sites and in our warehouse facilities, Westley has been active in the following environmentally considerate practices:

  • The recycling of aluminum, glass, plastic, office paper, scrap metals, electronic equipment, rechargeable batteries for power tools, cameras, etc., past their life spans, and cardboard at our own warehouses as well as at job-sites whenever possible.
  • The use of as environmentally safe products as possible – paper office products with a high recycled content (including post consumer), warehouse and office lighting, warehouse packing materials, office and warehouse cleaning supplies, installation (adhesives) and, since 2005, low VOC paints.
  • The re-use of as many materials as possible, such as building protection, waste paper in the offices, and cardboard.
  • Our freight management department places an emphasis on trying to make as few pick-ups from the same vendors as possible, without jeopardizing project schedules and the ability of vendors to cooperate.

We don’t get the raised eyebrows that we did years ago.