Inventories are routine products of our warehousing system. They are no better than the accuracy of our personnel. While we can “promise” exactness, without you checking our references, who really knows?

Our specification check and quality control service, when elected, oftentimes pays for itself.

  • Dining Chairs with a curious finish?
  • Lobby seating in the incorrect fabric?
  • 40% of your guest room nightstand lamps arrive with the wrong base style or the wrong sized custom shade?

This safety net service has been responsible for reducing countless traumas before they occur.

When you have a project that allows no time to resolve last minute problems or when you have a project where the embarrassment of sub-standard furnishings installed temporarily is not an option, you’ll not find a more suited service than this one.

You’ll not find a more accomplished company providing this service than WESTLEY.

Please ask our clients.