Freight management is a comprehensive method employed to provide the most controlled, accurately reported, cost efficient transportation possible for a project’s FF & E or OS & E from point of origin to final destination.

We have the knowledge through enormous experience to implement the best method to ship any order – taking into account project schedule, special handling necessary, risk factors, and comparative freight costs offered within the freight industry.

The best freight management is accomplished by:

  • Excellent communication – good questions asked early
  • Timely & persistent communication made with vendors
  • Status updates maintained as status changes
  • Team members kept informed

WESTLEY CONTRACT SERVICES understands the need for this because we are also well into our fourth decade of successful project warehousing and installation. When a project’s freight is not managed with consideration for orderly warehousing and installation, the job-site installation reflects this oversight – and the budget is often affected. It takes a team effort, with all members working in harmony.

We can provide you with the latest status updates for your project in a variety of methods:

  • WESTLEY’s web based real time status reports
  • E-mail delivered status reports delivered per your preferred regular schedule
  • Or, you can simply give us a call and speak with one of us in person
  • (We’re still glad to take your call & offer personalized service!).

So, if control of your time; of your budget; of your installation schedule; of your project is important to you, consider WESTLEY CONTRACT SERVICES for the in-touch freight management of your next project.